Co-Sleeping with the Enemy

These should really be called Co-catnappers, because the concept of true sleep is never realized while these apparatuses are in use. However, they do make the nighttime wakefulness a little less painful. I personally used the sidecar Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper. It fit nicely in the narrow space between my bed and closet door and came right up to the edge of the bed. My game plan for nighttime feedings was to move as little as possible. I had a diaper changing station set up on my nightstand and a nightlight to breastfeed and change diapers by. I wanted something that only required me to open one eye. There are numerous products on the market that fit these requirements—here are a few of the best:

#1 Pick: Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper: $156

·      ProJ Literally an arm’s reach away.

·      ProJ You can purchase extenders to match the height of your bed perfectly.

·      ProJ Good training for breaking down the Pack-N-Play in the future.

·      ConL When you are searching for somewhere to store it after 4 months, you may regret the          $39/month you put down. Make yourself have a second child to compensate.

#2 Pick: Graco Pack-N-Play Playard with Newborn Napper: $178

·      Pro: Two for one! Great value for something you can use during the first few months and              well into the toddler years.

·      Pro: Perfect for travel.

·      Pro: Price point is worth it when you factor in the length of time in use.

·      Con: Requires a bedroom with lots of space.

·      Con: You have to put your feet on the floor to retrieve your crying offspring.

#3 Pick: Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: $41.99 (see our full product review by Kathleen)

·      Pro: Best choice for the price and the purpose.

·      Pro: Provides an ideal incline position and snuggle factor.

·      Pro: Easily toted from room to room.

·      Con: If you have a pillow top mattress or a bunk bed, reaching for your little one in the                  middle of the night when your stomach muscles have turned to chia pudding can be quite            the uncomfortable venture.

#4 Pick: Baby Delight Snuggle Nest: $39.99

·      Pro: Perfect for those with little-to-no floor space.

·      Pro: If you’re nursing, you simply have to roll to one side to pop a boob in baby’s mouth.

·      Con: Can literally create a wedge between you and your spouse—which might be a positive for those of you living in fear of the 6-week postpartum doctor’s visit.

Please note that these gadgets have an extremely limited life, and consider that when you are deciding on the level of investment that you would like to make. How much would you spend on a pair of shoes if you were only going to wear them for 3-6 months max?

Written by: Alice